3d pan white

The platform

It is a nice looking technique that uses many, yet easy to find bricks to achieve a rounded effect.


You need:


-headlight bricks

-1x1 round bricks, for support

-any smooth 1x1 brick (cone, round, normal, headlight...)

-something to SNOT the SNOT (technic pins work, but the numbers get really ugly that way)

-some 1xX bricks to give the tower/platform some length in the Y dimension

-a lot of 2x2 tiles in primary colour

-(optional) some 1x2 tiles in primary colour and some in a secondary colour, to break up the monotone wall (note that secondary colours are used mostly to add detail to smooth surfaces, our example has accents because it is a part of a castle with some smooth walls, not because it would "need" them)

-A monthly supply of tranquilizers

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Taken on April 7, 2012