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Diablo, Lord of Terror | by Deus "Big D." Otiosus
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Diablo, Lord of Terror

Fellow gamers over the age of 30 (and those who played Diablo 2 when they were 7...)! I present this MOC to you as an invitation. The 15 years old game, Diablo 2, still receiving minimal support from developers, is getting a ladder reset (fear not, if you do not know what this means, the message is not meant for you), which is one of the two nights in the year when the game is the most fun to play. So if you live in Europe (or have low latency for European servers) and you want to play the game the whole night casually, but with dedication and preferably voice communication, you are very much invited to my party. Interesants can notify me with Flickrmail, in the comments or send me a message on D2JSP forums, on the name Alpha_Draconis (virtual highfive to anyone who knows where this name is from). Time to end terror's reign once and for all!


Official reset information


A few words about the MOC: I need to rework the sausage arms and the thicc legs, but other parts I am quite pleased by. Of course, with the time sensitivity and a tight schedule, I can not expect to finish this before the event it was built for takes place. It was a nightmare to photograph with the black horns and claws mixing everywhere, but this particular photo looks passable. I will be adding some other links too, when I get around to it. Or maybe only with the reworked version, if that even happens. Additionally, I think there should be a gradient from black through dark red to red, but there are so many clips and similar structural elements in the ends of the arms, legs and torso, that dark red would be an impossible colour to build in even with unlimited resources. Also, here is a reference picture that shows how I only looked at it after building the arms.

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Uploaded on December 11, 2017