Gordon The Gouldian Finch

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    Here's Gordon the Gouldian Finch.

    Another new addition to The LEGO Tropical Bird Series.

    The Gouldian Finch or Rainbow Finch is Native to Australia. Large numbers of these birds are kept in captivity but in 1992, they were classified as "Endangered in the wild". Such a shame as these birds are beautiful and need to be saved!

    Please help me to make these Birds become an official LEGO set and help raise awareness of how important birds are. Follow the link, register and support the LEGO Bird Project over on CUUSOO

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    1. KadasBence 32 months ago | reply

      Another nice bird model! I'm a bit disappointed about these CUUSOO projects. : (

    2. DeTomaso77 32 months ago | reply

      Thanks but why dissappointment?

    3. DeTomaso77 32 months ago | reply

      Cheers Serge :-)

    4. Carson Hart 32 months ago | reply

      Great, I really love the colors :D

    5. Lino M 32 months ago | reply

      If this was a set, I'd buy this for the colors alone. But great models also.

    6. KadasBence 32 months ago | reply

      10 000 vote is too much, and you can't reach it if you don't have enough Lego-loving friends or blogger friends or both of them. And this has nothing to do with your creativity.

    7. LEGO Bro 32 months ago | reply

      That is exactly what I was thinking.

    8. DeTomaso77 32 months ago | reply

      Cheers Lino :-)

    9. DeTomaso77 32 months ago | reply

      Yeah 10,000 is a rather large number but I'm not going to stop building birds until I get there :-) I've lost track of where my British Bird Series has been blogged, they have gone all around the world, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were one of the most blogged Lego creations out there. Just type in Lego Birds into Google images and see for yourself. I think I would have many many more supporters if CUUSOO didn't make it so complicated to go through the registration process, I reckon half of the people that registered to support didn't even realise they had to go back and click the support button again. I'll get there eventually lol

    10. Nathanael L. 32 months ago | reply

      Yeah, I would have given a link to your CUUSOO project to my Grandma but it would be much too complicated for her to figure out. If I had given her the link and she was able to figure it out, I bet you'd get lots for supporters as she has the habit of forwarding whatever she likes (through email) to her friends.

    11. DeTomaso77 32 months ago | reply

      You could still send her the link and see if she can work it out ;-) You never know unless you try lol

    12. Nathanael L. 32 months ago | reply

      Maybe. I can see you're really desperate for supports. Haha

    13. ryanpittman9 31 months ago | reply

      Some of these colors do not seem to be stock Lego colors. May I ask where you got them or how you made them?

    14. DeTomaso77 31 months ago | reply

      Hey Ryan, All of my creations use only official LEGO elements. No trickery or glue. I source most of my pieces here www.bricklink.com/ it takes a while to get used to using the site but it is a great resource for acquiring the LEGO elements you might need.

    15. danbirderman 14 months ago | reply

      ~ Commented with Flickr Studio for iPad.

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