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On a crystal lake of emerald hue, reedy banks come into view

A land so still and long forgot, where beauty prospers, time doth not

Invading thoughts of kingdoms vast where animals are free at last

No man to hunt them for their skins and toss their carcass to the winds

Just Mother nature's sweet embrace, no interfering human race

As sands of time fall softly down and beauty wears her regal gown

As queen of all she views and more, is this not what the world is for?

No need for fighting any more, mankind has fought his final war

And on these contemplative banks, my eyes shed tears, my heart gives thanks.


Overhead an Eagle glides with perfect grace and joy inside

And looking down he swoops to join me, speaking in a tongue so sweetly

I ask the Eagle where I am, "The library of your soul, my man"

"A room so dark and deep inside, the essence of your core resides"

The Eagle's words do so amaze as to the waters edge I gaze

By foliage lush and green so new a wooden boat comes into view

Tethered safely to the shore, a leafy hull and single oar

"Am I dead or maybe dreaming?", the Eagle smiled, his beak now beaming

"The journey soon that you must take, decisions follow, much at stake"


"This is the lake of whispers called, and travelled by both kings and fools

A one way journey there's no doubt, but for the few that I help out

For death is such a certainty we live in fear though we are free

We spend a life so short and wasteful greedy, needy, bitter, hateful

When what we have is all we need, Little Earth is life's great seed

And what you search for in your mind, within your heart it's there you'll find"

All hopes and dreams, your inner goal is in the library of your soul

The eagle lifted tethered rope, and beckoned me towards the boat

As seated I did hold the oar and listened carefully some more


Rowing gently, eyes so bright, a haven filled my line of sight

Mother Natures gentle hands soothing green and pleasant lands

Gone was danger, fear and lust, and happy creatures filled with trust

Existed in such unity, that souls smiled brightly, hearts were free

Mountains high and rivers deep were visions plenty, mine to keep

"So tell me sir, am I now dead, or are these dreams within my head"

The Eagle touched my face and called, as suddenly a darkness falls

An image of myself in bed as floating, I was overhead

My body broken, lifeless gone, machinery relying on


A weeping wife my hand she held, all hope was gone, descending hell

"The lake of whispers beckons you, the voices of the ones you knew

And loved until their passing came, they wait for you, they call your name

Your life can end and you'll be free to live amongst this world you see

To never suffer sadness pain, those you lost you'll see again

Your spirit strong and not defeated, you cling to life, thus Reaper greets

You, here I stand as tale unfolds within the library of your soul

The choice is yours to live or die, my job is done it's time to fly "

A wave of light washed over me, as my whole life flashed rapidly


Before my eyes, in boat still seated, memories and nightmares greeted

Then once more on shoreline I, beheld the boat as drifting by

It floated to the vast horizon, Utopian those dreams relied on

And suddenly I felt a hand of loving warmth, a wedding band

And tears of joy as eyes did flicker, respiration pulsing quicker

My choice to live was duly granted and with it seeds of new hope planted

Within a heart now born again, I'd make amends for frailties and

See all around us beauty reigns, that life is short but hope remains

A second chance to breathe again, the lake of whispers shall remain

Awaiting me and boat of wood, when sands of time have ceased, as should.




Written December 10 2009


Photograph taken on the South fork of the river Skagit, Washington State, USA on September 17th 2008


NIKON D300 38mm 1/60s f/4.5 iso200

Nikkor AF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6G ED. UV filter


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Taken on September 17, 2008