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ABOUT A WOMAN (231) - (Selected by GETTY IMAGES)




***** Selected for sale in the GETTY IMAGES COLLECTION on April 15th 2015




This photograph became my 662nd frame to be selected for inclusion and sale in the Getty Images 'Moment' collection, and I am very grateful to them for this wonderful opportunity.







Patiently she waits and sighs, as morning sleep invades her eyes

As yet another work day looms amidst loves fallout doom and gloom

The bed so welcoming and warm gives way to rush hour, silent swarm

Of nameless faces, bums on seats, into her daydreams she retreats

Eyes that sparkled once are dull, opportunity void and null

A life endured through gritted teeth, smiles that hide the inner grief

Overcast in London town, kick a lost soul when she's down

For all she longs for, her heart sees, release her chains and set her free


Eight fifteen the train doors close, packed sardines in winter clothes

Halitosis, bad hair days, why can't these people go away

She thinks of how life might have been, the happiness and all between

She'd trade a fairy story life for all the worries, all the strife

She's dressed in cotton, dreams of silk, no use crying on spilled milk

As mortgage payments dictate care, save your money, be aware

Mounting debts and family health, she dreams of tranquil moments, wealth

Some time to get away and breathe, pampered, treated, soul relieved

Parents, children, payments, bills, where's the wonder, where's the thrill?


Flashing neon signs relay the stations passing by today

As earphones nestled to the ears play tracks from all her golden years

A city gent with booming voice, cell phone talk, you have no choice

But listen to the board room chat, the irritating pompous prat!

As through the dirty carriage glass, she views the world as it flies past

Reflection looking back at her, the here and now, the days that were

How curious her life it, complicit, once the rebel, youth illicit

But life can knock the stuffing from you, same two eyes though different view


Ten to nine announcements say, 'Disembark and start your day'

The platform rush like scuttling rats, brollies raised as rain attacks

A myriad of avenues, coffee culture, lengthy cues

Grab yourself a morning bite, fuel the organs, stoke the fight

It's shopping heaven, workday hell, city limits, bright lights spell

But all she'll see are corporate walls, inflated ego's, shallow fools

Taking calls from dumb assed folk, she wants to laugh, she gets the joke

Someone's looking down on man, pulling strings, dictating plans


If she could but escape, she'd quit and rid herself of all this shit

That life is such a meaningless, journey to the great abyss

We're worked to death and then retired, too old to care, to fragile, tired

To travel, see the beauty vast, just pensioned off to wither fast

Within her head she sees herself, trash her desk and clear her shelf's

Shouting at bewildered eyes, "Arivaderche, ciao, bye bye"

Taking off for distant shores, no more worries, no more chores

But then the clock strikes five again, it's de ja vu and homewards train




Written March 18th 2011


Photograph taken on March 17th 2011 on the homeward bound South Eastern network train from London Charing Cross.


Nikon D700 50mm 1/250s iso200

Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.8D.UV filter


My website can be found at: DESPITESTRAIGHTLINES.COM

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Taken on March 17, 2011