14" x 14' x 4' BENCHMARK
In 2009 the Sitric Compost Garden Community asked Dublin City Council if we could use our excess compost from our community garden to create a garden/bench on a particularly unloved area at the southern end of Sitric Road where it meets Arbour Hill.

We were told that it was against public safety regulations to install seating on a footpath. After examining the area more closely we discovered a 14" by14' recess that had been created in one area of the wall during it's reconstruction years ago. When we suggested that the garden/bench could be inserted into this recess without protruding out into the footpath DCC gave us permission to proceed with our project. Later that year the bench won an award in the DCC Neighbourhoods Competition as 'Best Example of Community Environmental Initiative.'

As you can see from these photos the presence of this bench immediately changed the dynamics of this area. The BENCHMARK (as it has come to be known) offers an impromptu place for rest and conversation. Over the years it has hosted a myriad of events including: slideshows, movies, a flea market to raise funds for a fringe festival performance, a plant and seed swap & sale, many pop up concerts and football matches, knitting and crochet lessons, face painting...the list continues.

In 2013, after several years of public service, we feel the bench needs a facelift. Many of us believe this area of the street, which links our community garden, Lilliput Press, Lilliput Stores and the Joinery Art Space, has great potential and that we should should continue to build on the BENCHMARK's success by developing this area of the street into a small public amenity.


The Sitric Compost Garden Community

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