Toidy Toid and Toid

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    33rd and 3rd.

    "Moitle From Toidy Toid and Toid", a 1946 novelty song by Bobby Gregory:

    I've got a goil on de East Side.
    Where goils are tough as can be.

    She took a job as a bouncer.
    And now she's bouncing me.

    Who is de toughest goil in dis whole woild?
    Moitle from Toidy Toid and Toid.

    Who's got buck teeth that shine like a poil?
    Moitle from Toity Toid and Toid.

    She wears a tight skoit right up to her knees.
    Instead of poifume she wears Limboiger cheese.

    Who leaves me limp when she gives me a squeeze?
    Moitle from Toidy Toid and Toid.

    Big thanks to The Big Apple

    The Manhattan Street Corners is a project by Richard Howe. During nine months in 2006 he photographed each and every street corner in Manhattan, 11,000 in all!

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    1. C@rol :) ages ago | reply

      nice :)
      I want this song. Do you have?

    2. designwallah ages ago | reply

      Unfortunately I do not have a recording of this song, I haven't found it anywhere.

    3. designwallah 119 months ago | reply

      You must check out The Manhattan Street Corners by Richard Howe.

      Images 073 to 076 in the Third Avenue slide show document the corners of 33rd and 3rd

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