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Careful With That Razor's Edge

The Umquhile Shadow-Paraphernalia With Hands-on Ripening A Preconditioned Macro of Amber Sitting on The Front Steps of An Old Abandoned Church returned to my residue to then be distilled again The Globe of Non-Breathing distorted figure B half-extinguished light You All Take Pieces of My Heart Shadows Becoming Reduplicative Compounds Umami she is really the bush and the snickersnee is being sucked from a puckered surface A Prism of Shadows: Self-portrait in Front of A Brick Wall the hmm against a mirror faceneck lid(eye)understretch, . ./ . . --- / * dying thoughts near a window II everything's exactly how you left it dying thoughts near a window III

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experiment-abstract-expressionism says:

extremely intelectual-beautiful, profund, interesting
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xtoid [deleted] says:

Derrick! Heck. Oh, heck! ah err uhm...Golly!...I mean uh duh er...Wow!
_Tony (you know, basketball player with short tight pants)
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calicondensada. says:

i like so much your work !!
no escribo muy bien el ingles que digamos
asi que simplemente lo dejare en español.. i'm sorry haha

como decia.. me parece que tienes excelentes imagenes, todas son muy interesantes, creativas, diferentes.. parece que todas guardan una historia dentro de si :)
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