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    the lighting here, in all of it's beautiful glory, made it appear as though i haven't slept in a week. bags under the eyes? aren't shadows the true "jokers?"

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    1. t. bell ages ago | reply

      Love the framing and dramatic.

    2. c r i s ages ago | reply

      Very dramatic. I agree. Great photo!

    3. raemarie ages ago | reply

      so close

    4. joto25 ages ago | reply

      superb imagery and language!

    5. Kymberlee della Luce ages ago | reply


    6. seventytw0dpi ages ago | reply

      Hahaha, I love the bags! Add something to the composition.

    7. slight clutter ages ago | reply

      I'm not sure they are so much the "jokers" as they are the "truth-bearers." Hope you are getting some sleep now.

      Great storytelling.

      Late edit: misread your narrative the first time around. hope you are getting sleep just the same. ;)

    8. GôDiNô ages ago | reply

      Great mysterious portrait!

    9. Mary Bogdan ages ago | reply

      bloody fantastic!!!!!!!!

    10. snickity_snick ages ago | reply

      I like the shadow near your nose and that everything below your chin and neck disappears into black.

    11. ? [deleted] ages ago | reply

      beautiful framing...great set.

    12. *estrella [deleted] ages ago | reply

      shadowy eyes are good enough, they become you Nosferatu:) he he haaaw.

    13. Mackeson ages ago | reply

      From the (expressionist photography) group.

    14. Ali*Boolala ages ago | reply

      are you kissing the leaf? lovely it is

    15. DerrickT ages ago | reply

      I'm going to re-do this...

    16. DerrickT 116 months ago | reply day.

    17. DerrickT 97 months ago | reply

      ...I never re-shot this.

    18. Kymberlee della Luce 97 months ago | reply

      perhaps today is the day...

    19. DerrickT 97 months ago | reply

      Kym, you are right! Even though today wasn't the day, perhaps tomorrow will be the day since I will have more time on my hands...

    20. Kymberlee della Luce 97 months ago | reply

      I look forward to it. :-)

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