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  • Ah, what a surprise! I'm glad I didn't swallow the 'umbilical cord!' :)

In The Future, Robots Will Evolve Into Humans and Their Umbilical Cords Will Loop From Their Mouths

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Omphalotomy will then become nychthemeral and coy.

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  1. grace*c* 105 months ago | reply

    sun-shine-y-soul you are. A good thinker. Brave New Worldish. Applause!

  2. minions & myrmidons 105 months ago | reply

    i can only hope for an entire body of synthetic cellulite and wirey underarm hair. i shall dwell on this all day.

  3. KnowWonNose [deleted] 105 months ago | reply

    Better robots become humans than humans robots.

  4. sketchySteven 105 months ago | reply

    Snip, snip! WIFI babies!

  5. jot.de 105 months ago | reply

    oh Derrick I always stunned by (?) your creativity!!!!

  6. Dima Zorkov 105 months ago | reply

    ahhah , shiny metal from oily bag : )

  7. Jaqueline Vanek 105 months ago | reply

    In the future............. thats really scary.......... i better not imagine what could happen or what crazy stuff people will do!!!

  8. [kren] 105 months ago | reply

    How do you know? Pure speculation, I say.

  9. DerrickT 105 months ago | reply

    Thanks, thanks, thanks everyone! Always appreciated! :)

    Kren: Why wouldn't I know?

  10. [kren] 105 months ago | reply

    You can't fool me Derrick

  11. DerrickT 105 months ago | reply

    You are already fooled.

  12. [kren] 105 months ago | reply

    Nice use of italics.

  13. Oliver Ingrouille 105 months ago | reply

    welcome to the matrix...

  14. attator 105 months ago | reply

    I was gonna say kudos for not hiding behind obfuscation on this one, then I read the description...

  15. Darja Bajagić [deleted] 105 months ago | reply

    Robots scare me very much. This one is scaring me. The tags make me giggle; side burns are so wonderful. Let them get out of control and grow out with all their glory! :P

  16. DerrickT 104 months ago | reply

    Thanks, thanks, thanks guys! A bit late, but nevertheless...sincere. :)

  17. The Rusty Projector 102 months ago | reply

    isn't this the title of an early stanislaw lem novel? Well it should have been!

  18. DerrickT 102 months ago | reply

    The Rusty Projector: I have to admit that I wasn't aware of Stanislaw Lem until you brought him up here, so that is one thank you! I'll get to the other 'thank you' in just a second...;)

    I looked him up and see that he was a Polish science fiction writer, which is intriguing! I've always enjoyed the bizarro writings of Euro authors and there's quite a-many of them! I appreciate you introducing me, even if it was unintentional! :)

    And, of course, thanks for stopping into this merry-go-round and commenting! :)

  19. The Rusty Projector 102 months ago | reply

    I think you would love his work. He was a true visiionary, and devised a history of the universe in which man evolves into bionic robots which in turn evolve into godlike creators who spawn further life forms in an endless Samsaric cycle. But Stanislaw explains it all far better!

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