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Dark Stars

I have always firmly believed that all art is abstract in one sense. Being unable to like the qualities of abstraction or perhaps to not like "reality" is to essentially misunderstand what art is all about. There are some artists whom are a lot more "visual" that get their excitements from what is in front of them (such as nature) and they create something from that. Other individuals create it from their insides; often times with a more "mental approach." As far as picture-making is concerned, I feel as though it can be a rehearsal that is disconnected from a relationship with the outside world.




(from The Ermine)


Frantz: I love you, Monime.

Monime: Why are you afraid then?

Frantz: Because I love you. Because I know what petty things can kill the greatest love...

Monime: We are strong enough to fight them.

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Uploaded on December 7, 2007