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Origami Kappa (Kunihiko Kasahara) | by De Rode Olifant
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Origami Kappa (Kunihiko Kasahara)

There are several kinds of 'Kappas', also in origami land, like this one, holding an leaf as protection against the sun? ;-))


I found an explanation on internet about these "Otherworldly Creatures"; it's up to you if you believe it or not ;-)


~~~~There are also those who believe that the Kappa could be a type of alien creature that somehow found its way to Earth. Many who have faith in this argument also believe that other mythological sea creatures inhabit Earth in the uncharted areas of the sea.


Their argument? These strange sea aliens are able to travel to and from the Earth through portals – which may explain why we’ve never been able to prove their existence. They claim that these portals come in the form of mysterious whirlpools. Admittedly, whirlpools and strong water currents are one of the most common descriptions that arise in mythology speaking of the appearance of these strange creatures.


Additionally, many scholars point out that several ancient cultures speak of sea creatures who are documented to have ‘fallen from the sky.’ Many of these creatures, gods, and goddesses are also said to have immediately submerged themselves in a body of water as soon as they arrived and are also credited with teaching human beings religion, culture, and medicine.


Likewise, the early Kappa are known as friendly helpers who worked to teach humans important medical practices such as bone setting.~~~~



Model: origami Kappa and leaf

Design: Kunihiko Kasahara

Diagrams in the book 'All of the latest cute origami' by Kunihiko Kasahara.



Kappa: two sheets of patterned paper, 10x10cm. Final height 7cm.

Leaf: 15x15cm tissuepaper

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Taken on September 29, 2020