BWO w/ Mick Barr/Deblase/Kwartowitz trio, DeTrop, Pet Bottle Ningen@ Silent Barn
Silent Barn 5/22/2013

Pet Bottle Ningen
(Nonoko Yoshida-sax/Dave Scanlon-guitar/Dave Miller-drums)
Uncategorizable controlled chaos

Mick Barr (Krallice)/Johnny Deblase (Cleric)/Larry Kwartowitz (Cleric)
An avant metal tri-axiom

(Dave Grant - modular synth, Theresa Smith - electronics, Ryan Martin - modular synth)
Brooklyn's answer to the apocalpyse

"DeTrop are Ryan Smith (York Factory Complaint, Hanel Koeck), Theresa Smith (Bleak Race, Home Blitz), and David Grant (Ideal Forms, Action Patrol). Based out of Brooklyn, DeTrop have been playing music made with modular synthesizers and tape loops since 2011. "

Brown Wing Overdrive
(Original trio line-up, resurrected!)
3 angry shamans fuelled by pollution

at Silent Barn, 603 Bushwick Ave. Off the Myrtle-Broadway JM or the Morgan L.
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