The Igloo Experience

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    My employer sent the project team where I am currently working in, to a teambuilding event. We went into the mountains of the "Allgäu", around 200 km south of Stuttgart. Our job was it to build an igloo -instructed by a scout- and sleep the night in it. The temperature outside was -12 °C (9 F), so it was a good idea to get the igloo done until the night falls. The igloo on the photo was "mine" (two persons per igloo) and sleeping in it was really an outstanding (and cold) experience.

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    1. Arindam.Bhattacharya 48 months ago

      lovely capture.. beautiful !!!!

    2. SaraCantrell 48 months ago

      Neat-o.....Very nice shot!

    3. tahsin-k 48 months ago

      Nice shot:) Fantastic experience:)

    4. gynti_46 48 months ago

      Das ist nur etwas für die ganz Harten :-))

    5. Ribeye Si (Catching Up to Do) 48 months ago

      Incredible opportunity, one I would love to try

    6. AreKev 48 months ago

      Very nice... a magnificent shot !!

    7. Vijay.. 48 months ago

      beautiful shot.. wonderful

    8. fraghorst 48 months ago

      coooole Location

    9. 千杯不醉的 drunkcat 48 months ago

      -12 C = 10 F ! That temperature probably killing me !
      A beautiful shot of this wonderful igloo !

    10. gary's images @ studio g 48 months ago

      I bet this is a night that will stay in your memory forever. I had similar experiences while living among the Inuit over 5 years here in Canada. If you are interested, check out this set.

      I was just getting into digital photography. The shots are a bit touristy with the point and shoot mentality that goes with that but they are my record of a day spent at an igloo with my sons :-)

    11. nb-hjwmpa 48 months ago

      Great Experiment !!!!!

    12. BryanQuigley 48 months ago

      Not so sure about team building, sounds a little more like survival skills. Wonder what he/she has planned?!! Great job!!!

    13. col&tasha 48 months ago

      what a great activity we would love to do this

    14. greyOne2009 [deleted] 48 months ago

      Wonderful blue hues and beautiful landscape! Thanks for sharing

    15. P.Dub 48 months ago


    16. street level 48 months ago

      Very cool! Beautiful too.

    17. ringo01_hk 48 months ago

      Nice experience!!

    18. Longfinger1 48 months ago

      Looks like fun!

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