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|49/52 - beaten|

The forty-ninth entry for my 52 weeks project here on Flickr.


There were times when this project almost got me beaten. But I fought back. And you should see the other guy :-) The last quick and dirty one, I promise. The last three shots are planned out and will mark a worthy conclusion to my project. Until then... I hope you enjoy this one anyway!


Ah, by the way. Kitchen renovation is over! We are now official owners of a shiny new kitchen. And it is spec-ta-cu-lar! :-)


Camera info: ISO 200, 50 mm, f/6,3, 1/200 Sek.

Strobist info: Just one single Yongnuo YN560 zoomed to 50 mm at 1/4 power shot through a Westcott umbrella from front right (at about 30°). Flash was fired by a Cactus V4 radio trigger. Camera was triggered by a V5.


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Taken on December 11, 2011