Sound Trigger v1.1 Schematic


NOTE: THIS SCHEMATIC IS OUTDATED. Rather use the Sound trigger Mk II schematics




Schematic for my custom sound trigger.


The parts list is as follows:


Part Value

---- -----

C1 0.1uF

C2,C3 10uF electrolytic

D1 1N4148

D2 1N4001

IC1 CA3140

IC2 LM393N

IC3 PIC12F675

IC4 78L05Z

J1 2.1mm DC socket

JP1 2 pin jumper block

LED1 5mm Red LED

Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4 2N7000

R1 4k7

R2 470k

R3,R4 220k

R5 150k

R6 560k

R7 4k7 preset

R8 220k preset

R9,R10 10k

R11,R12 1k

S1 push button switch

SV1 10 pin header block

X1,X2,X3 3.5mm stereo socket


See the photo notes for a description of each functional block. See here for a photo of the completed unit.

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Taken on July 26, 2007