Untitled #49(Ideate)
Untitled #49 (Ideate) on July 27, 2012, was all about design you can do. The Denver Art Museum is celebrating design this summer and is opening its doors to community designers of all ages and skill levels with its first ever visitor-sourced exhibition, Open For Design.

We had a massive skill swap organized with Trade School Denver with mini-classes in fencing, deejaying, metal sculpture, swing dancing and more. Craft Tech, the funnest laboratory on the planet, which also happens to be in Boulder, was on hand to share their latest experiments with 3-D printers and open source design. Visitors added to a giant collaborative paper sculpture using Craft Tech’s freeware, Hypergami. It’s origami on a whole new level. Visitors voiced there neighborhood ideas on paper with online group Neighborland.com. And Joan and Charlie ideated new versions of each other so we could laugh along with all four of them. MakeARTtalk artist Mia Mulvey combined a 3,000 year old alligator jar with a 3-D printer to create a brand new ceramic sculpture. Rick Griffith of MATTER studio took over the freight elevator with some of his favorite design films. Becky Clark from AIGA Colorado gave us the scoop on "Design Fails" - objects that fixed the failures of their predecessors.

On final Fridays through October, the Denver Art Museum feels less like a field trip and more like a night out. Mark your calendars now and make a date. Untitled events are free with general museum admission from 6 to 10 pm. Students with a valid ID receive two-for-one admission.
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