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Questions/story of my wild river to my ego! (4)

On Explore! July 9, 2007. Made cover!

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Ok Woodsman! Do you know the difference between you and me … or between you and us… or between you and your other you? :)))

Do you see that your ego is always alone… limited… separated… me, myself and I?

Do you know that it’s your mind who works with the conciensiousness of your ego?

Do you see how your mind works… by your thoughts (your opinions, your definite views), by your emotions (your angers, your fears, your sadness) and by your desires?

Do you realize that you ego lives in a world of pains, of contradictions and of conflicts?

Now me… your inner me… , here your wild river who is the consciensiousness of your inner light!

You see that I’m the consciensiousness where you feel wide, huge, where you includes alls, where you don’t make projections but where you see in a flash… in a direct perception of what it is, here and now… where you’re not controlled by emotions but where you have feelings… where you’re not in a reaction but where you are resolute, closer to the situation… where you’re not in a state of beatitude but in a state of neutrality… where there is no duality… no oppositions!

In fact Woodsman, do you realize that your ego doesn’t exist in the reality as it’s impossible to you to be separated of me… of all the others?

Do you realize that you’re a flux!

Do you realize that your reinarnation is only a product of your desires?

Woodsman, I said to you before that you’ll be knockouted… because you don’t exist when you’ve thoughts, emotions or desires… you’re only an illusion!


:)))… not be continued tomorrow… maybe later!

It’s the end of this part!

I only wanted to test a new way of writing… a question/story where all my answers are in the questions! :)))

From now… more photos… less words…:)))


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Taken on July 8, 2007