Osprey nest

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    Photo taken during a birding by boat cruise on the Osprey in Cape May.

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    1. AbeDinMerbau 57 months ago | reply

      very good capture here ! Is osprey a type of eagle ?

    2. Dendroica cerulea 57 months ago | reply

      No, it's not a type of eagle. Ospreys are in their own family (Pandionidae) while eagles are part of the same family as hawks (Accipitridae). But both families are in the same order. Ospreys have some unique anatomical features for fish hunting that set them apart from the other raptors.

    3. hjhipster 57 months ago | reply

      Is that the canal? I've seen other nests on channel markers in that area. I'm surprised all the water traffic doesn't bother them.

      Osprey nest on a channel marker

    4. Dendroica cerulea 57 months ago | reply

      Nice photo! This one is in Cape May Harbor, in between the entrance to the canal and the inlet. It was one of at least two nests on channel markers.

    5. Beth Graham 57 months ago | reply

      Neat location.

    6. Karen.b 57 months ago | reply

      Is it typical for them to nest here? I haven't been to Cape May in AGES...enjoy your series of photos from there

    7. Dendroica cerulea 57 months ago | reply

      There were a few osprey nests on channel markers or similar locations. Generally they use the artificial nesting platforms.

    8. ButterPhli 57 months ago | reply

      we have tons of osprey nests in our park, they actually make their nest right up against the roads!

      I LOVE OSPREYS!!!!!! <3 awesome picture! the two older juveniles look like they are lovin on each other! how cute!

    9. Dendroica cerulea 57 months ago | reply

      Thanks! This one must have lots of boat traffic pass close by it every day.

    10. mishko2007 57 months ago | reply

      Very interesting picture! In many countries people have to almost risk their lives to get a photo of an osprey! You're lucky to see them like this. They're great when swooping on fish, aren't they?

    11. Dendroica cerulea 57 months ago | reply

      Yes, I love watching them hunt!

    12. birdrman 57 months ago | reply

      Beautiful! Well done!

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