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His Royal Highness, Montana de Montecore the Cat, all Stretched Out & a Tiny Story

Coming soon to this space, a tiny little story. OK, here goes. If you are expecting this to be true, like the vast majority of my little stories, stop right now. There will be hardly a word of truth to it.


Just as people have their clutter rooms (hoarding rooms), Montana has one. He has, on the floor with him, a blouse of mine. He doesn't wear it very often. He merely likes to have my scent on soft cloth near him when he naps. You may notice the bottom part of a stool. This is his stool for doing his performing tricks, like when he jumps through a ring of fire. There is a piece or two of white paper under his head. I cannot imagine how that is comforting to him, but he likes it. Perhaps it isn't comforting at all. Maybe he is just trying to hide what he has written to

"True Confessions of a Neutered Cat Magazine." Do you suppose?


There is also a bag from Target Stores, popular in America. He has sneaked out shopping and bought such things as a cat might neeed, like Greenies Treats. The black box with a portion of electrical cord is for any electrical needs he might have, like an electric shaver or television set, or cell-phone charger. There is a colorful little bag of items he has carefully selected over the years to keep in case he might need them some day. He gets very touchy if I try to peek at what he has in there.


There is also a portion of a clear container which has nice neat envelopes in it. Those are for storing the negatives from all his baby pictures before digital cameras.


There are two more items of interest (or should I say of dubious interest). There is a toothpick he left on the floor after he captured his last mouse, which brings us to the last thing. He gets a case of bananas a day when he behaves well. You probably heard that cats don't like bananas, but Montana loves them. I told him he could not have his case of bananas until he picked up the toothpick and put it in the trash. He is being defiant! I am being firm about it. Cat discipline in its highest form, you know?


**************************** THE END ***************************



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Taken on July 24, 2011