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Gray Tabby Kitten Lays it all Out There. Turns Out Her Name is Trixie! Reached 50,000+ Views  ~ EXPLORED | by Pixel Packing Mama
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Gray Tabby Kitten Lays it all Out There. Turns Out Her Name is Trixie! Reached 50,000+ Views ~ EXPLORED



Little gray tabby lays it all out there, makes his legs and paws and claws look bigger than they really are.

My Story part of this is that I go to visit the Humane Society often, and this little Tabby Kitten really wasn't very big, but he was waking up and stretching way out, and the angle came out nicely. Some people ask me how could I go there. Doesn't it make me too sad? My answer is not at all. My life and their life is better even if just for a few moments of interaction. I encourage people to adopt a pet. Yesterday I helped a lady reach a cat that was way up on top row, way in the back. I couldn't even see her (the cat). I got on a stool and got her down, put her in that lady's arms, and she never left. She got to know the cat a bit and adopted it that day. I felt soooooo good. I don't even work there, but I am there a lot taking pictures for my fun and for Flickr. I guess this also addresses "My Life As" a photographer who likes both wild and domestic animals.


I went back today and found out He is a She, named Trixie, and she is a little rascal. The Humane Society should have called her Tricksie. Cute as a bug's ear and into everything.


On April 20, 2006 I added this to my caption: Actually, CharmDar, Trixie did get adopted right away after I took this picture. I never dreamed I would see her again. About 4 months later, which is about the time some people find the cuteness of a kitten wears off, and they unfortunately lose interest and sometimes abandon the pet, or sometimes return it to the shelter where they got it. Maybe it isn't unfortunate... Maybe it is good that they gave the cat a chance to have a home that really is good. Anyway, I was at the Humane Society about a month ago (I haven't been up to par on getting my pictures posted), and there was a tabby cat, bigger of course, but named Trixie. I asked one of the attendants, is that the same Trixie that was here about 3 or 4 months ago? She said yes! I was shocked to see her again. The people who adopted her the first time said they were giving her back to the shelter because they were moving. I wonder if they have any clue in the world that Trixie has really close to 3,000 views (note on March 29, 2010, I updated this to read that she has over 43,000 views now, and is well-known on Flickr? On June 14, 2015 I updated it again to show over 50,000 views now. Anyway, it is up to me to get the second chance pictures posted (of course you can't always go back and capture that one special shot like this was). She is gone again, and this time I hope to a loving and forever home. I did leave the link to her picture with the employees at the Humane Society to give to the new owners. I don't know if they ever got it or ever cared if they got it.


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Copied and pasted from Mozilla Firefox today (092606) showing Trixie's highest ranking since they started keep track in Feb. 2006:

Highest position: 61 on Tuesday, September 12, 2006

(since we started tracking this statistic on April 19, 2006)...

Trixie was actually in the top 10 of EXPLORE before they starting tracking.



Tenuous Link: Gold Dust >> Large Majority of Tabby Cats have a gold dust looking area on their nose.


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Taken on October 30, 2005