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My First Grade Class at Grattan Elementary School in San Francisco, California 1953 | by Pixel Packing Mama ~ 25 Million Views
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My First Grade Class at Grattan Elementary School in San Francisco, California 1953

If you beg and plead a little bit, I'll tell you which one is me. This would be taken right around 1953. If some of you would like to try your hand at making it nicer, I left the borders uneven and scanned it fairly large with that in mind.

I'm adding this to ID please with hopes that someone might be able to identify some of the other children.


I put this in both my "Old Family Photos" set because I am in it, and it has been stored all these years in old family photos, but also in my "Old Photos, but not Family Set" because the majority of the children are not family.


This picture addresses "My Life As" a little school kid.


In May 2007, I went to San Francisco for a visit to see my son, and he and I went to Grattan Elementary School. My guess is the old building has been torn down and made into a much newer building, and it is now a "Community Center". The slope of the "retaining" walls around the playground, were about the only things that looked familiar, and the type of neighborhood. I used to sit on that playground, which was segregated by sex, and eat my lunch. My Mom got the harebrained idea that the peanut butter wouldn't stick to the roof of my mouth so much if she put mayonnaise in with it. Jelly and mayonnaise just really did not taste good to me with peanut butter. It was slimy! In a way she did keep it from sticking to the roof of my mouth. She kept me from putting it in my mouth at all.



Notes left on picture are from a different group and have no relation to TL



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Taken sometime in 1953