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My Son & My Daughter at Red Bud Valley, Near Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1978 | by Pixel Packing Mama ~ 25 Million Views
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My Son & My Daughter at Red Bud Valley, Near Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1978

I took this picture of my children (and yes, I shamelessly planned before the drive out there to have them color coordinated with the scenery). I must have also stopped for some helium balloons; although I don't recall that. It was at Red Bud Valley outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma, approximately 1978. I took it with Kodak's Version of the Polaroid Instant Camera, and later on that camera was ruled against in a law suit by Polaroid. The "instant" print came out very, very over exposed. I liked the memory of the day, and thought maybe someday I would have somebody try to recreate the scene in oil paint or something. I remember well, placing this picture on a collage type picture matte, and everything else there was exposed pretty well, and then there was this one. A real eyesore. This type of picture probably only means something to me, but I was overjoyed to be able to make it what it was in my mind.

Many years went by, and technology enabled me to find the old collage, take the picture off, scan it, give it some life and color that it never had, except in my mind, and even to make it 2 ways, one without oil paint technique and one with. I was so happy to be able to fix it up, plaid pants and all. At the time, my kids were stylin'. In this picture, my daughter, Jennifer, makes me think of Anna Leigh now.


"B" is for Balloons

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Taken sometime in 1978