Jeff Bohlander
The Sympathy of Things
Mixed-media assemblage
February 2-24, 2019

I use many combinations of materials and emerging mediums in my work- always focused on experimenting and pushing my comfort zone. Using combinations of mixed media, including found collage, ephemera, drawing mediums, various image transfer methods, printmaking, alternative photography, found object, and assemblage. All work is constructed in layer upon layer, starting with the wood, canvas or found surface.

The goal of my work is to tell a story. It will not be the same story to everyone, as each viewer brings their story. I always considered myself a painter who combines painting, collage and assemblage with contemporary concepts. Though I normally begin a piece with an idea in mind or “end vision”, the process itself is often intuitive, allowing me to be led in unexpected directions. In this sense, I feel a kinship with Dada, and Surrealist artists and poets.

Juxtaposing seemingly incongruous images to create new, sometimes odd, relationships. My work is often about memories and evoke a deep love of history and a sense of space and place, family and heritage. It is narrative in nature, but what I want most is that they initiate a dialogue with the viewer. Force the viewer to engage the piece and allow his or her own history to be reflected in it. I have also lately been exploring the realm of abstraction, yet I still attempt to maintain a narrative component through the use of words and bits of imagery.
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