Robert Griffin
It Figures
Oil paintings
January 5 - February 24, 2019

Artist Statement:
"I am primarily a painter working predominantly in oil and watercolor. My first love was traditional landscape, but has since evolved into other disciplines. My work is influenced by a variety of artists, most notably Wyeth, Dali, Picasso and Monet.

While the plein air landscape process still inspires me, working in the studio on introspective ideas challenges my creative intellect. My studio work is quite different and my inspirations come from a variety of sources.

Most often I am triggered by looking at all manner of art, movies and music, and so I begin with that. There is a freedom in the studio to allow my ideas to morph and develop as I work. Often, the result is far removed from my initial intent. I generally work on several pieces at a time to coincide with my changing whim. As a result, my studio tends to be filled with works in various stages of completion. This also makes it difficult to say how much time I spend on any given piece.

I am also an artist that rarely feels that a painting is finished, so I sometimes modify paintings that I have not touched for years. I learned to paint from my mother who was a housewife/ artist. I went on to receive a BA in fine arts from University of Maryland."
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