Clustered Spires Quilt Guild
Quilted Layers From A to Z: Appliqué to Zentangle
December 1-30, 2018

Layers of textiles, layers of meaning, layers of thread, buttons, beads, batting, paint, dye, crayons, ink…. All these and more, limited only by the quilter’s imagination, tied together with more fibers, thread, yarn, string, wire. For thousands of years, quilters have created practical and decorative clothing, blankets, flags, and bowls from layers. The quilters of Clustered Spires Quilt Guild range from traditional to contemporary, beginner to professional. They use varied materials and methods. They work independently and in groups. They are inspired by the seasons, by the cycle of life, by emotions, colors, shapes, thoughts. They share a love for fabrics and for the making process. They are generous in their gifting to the community. They encourage each other.

Clustered Spires Quilt Guild was founded in 1999 and members include beginners through experts, with interests from art quilts to traditional quilts in an array of materials. The guild shares a love of quilts and quilt making, and they also sponsor seminars, exhibitions, workshops, and community service projects.
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