Julie Maynard
Train Wrecks
Works in a variety of media
October 6-28, 2018

Sometimes all it takes is one bad decision. Someone in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But a train wreck does not always end in chaos. Cars often derail in ways that can be mathematically described, and a pattern well expressed can be both dismaying and oddly comforting.

The aftermath of a train wreck is a landscape in which everything has come to a full stop. Where there is time to consider how layer upon layer built up to a final result.

Julie Maynard's work is a form of painting with paper on two or three dimensional surfaces, often incorporating found objects and scraps of advertisements. The process reflects the impact our culture has on the environment, while the accretion of layers suggests the passing of time.

This exhibition included wall-hung images based upon photographs of historic train wrecks. A large mural depicted the spectacular derailment of oil tankers that took place in 2014 along a river in Virginia. An installation of framed pieces set into “tables” were arranged in the classic train derailment zig-zag. Set around the room were video screens looping short videos that brought the sound and motion of trains into the gallery.
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