Karen Schulz
On the Edge
Fine Art Quilts
April 6 - 28, 2019

We are constantly on the edge. On the edge of what? Chaos? Disaster? Beauty? Truth? Extinction? An evolutionary leap?

The work in this exhibition deals with these questions. The medium itself is comprised of edges. One piece of fabric sewn to the next. An edge created out of the sewn line, a seam, a thread, a length of yarn. The accumulation of edges creates compositions. Ever the formalist I pay careful close attention to the edges, the resultant forms and statements. Within the sandbox of visual design my truth emerges into content, revealed slowly and painstakingly, with miles and miles of thread.

My hope is that you too will slow down, look carefully, and remember we are always on the edge.


Born, raised and educated in the Northeast US, Schulz has resided in the DC area for the last 39 years. While she has used a sewing machine since the age of 9 and created original, one of a kind quilts for the last 36 years, she came to artistic expression later in life and has pursued her art seriously and full time for the last 11 years studying extensively with Nancy Crow and many notable artists in the field.
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