GlobalLives Brazil Shoot
On May 21, 2006, the second Global Lives Project shoot was produced in São Paulo, Brazil. From midnight to midnight--24 consecutive hours--Rael Feliciano was videotaped in High Definition video on a Sony HVR-Z1U camera.

The day was divided up into three, eight-hour shifts and the all-volunteer crew consisted of 14 people--12 from Brazil, one from the UK, and one from the US.

Camera operators generally worked in pairs, with the only stated rule being that they attempt not to let Rael leave the frame of the camera for more than 30 seconds. With small gaps for tape changes, the total footage collected amounts to some 23 hours and 6 minutes.

Rael Feliciano, the subject of the shoot, is a 23 year-old hip hop musician from the neighborhood of Jardim Iporanga, located in São Paulo's southern periphery.

With a second camera (Sony PD170), an additional crew of four shot the footage for the soon-to-be-released video guide, "How to Videotape Someone for 24 Hours." This video will be distributed to Project teams in India, the United Kingdom, and Indonesia, to assist them with shoots scheduled for later this year.

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