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2010-11-11 05-12-28 - IMG_9915 White and lilac flower - Dietes grandiflora

White and lilac flower - unknown variety - - specifically for "Beyond Megapixels" November assignment - "Soft Focus"


2010-11-19 UPDATE: The above image made it to Beyond Megapixels home page today. Here is a screen capture:

Beyond Megapixels website


2010-11-16 UPDATE: This flower has been kindly identified as Dietes grandiflora or Iris by Linda of Belgium and "Lotus_Widow" of Queensland.


Dietes grandiflora (Large wild iris, Fairy Iris) is a rhozomatous perennial plant with long, rigid, sword-like green leaves belonging to the Iridaceae family. This species is common in horticulture in its native South Africa, where it is often used in public gardens, beautification of commercial premises and along roadsides. The blooms are white marked with yellow and violet. Dark markings are found at the base of the outer tepals. These are borne in abundance during summer, especially after rain. Flowers are followed by 5 cm long green capsules that contain very dark brown seeds, these are displersed when the capsule splits open.

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Taken on November 11, 2010