2010-08-07 10-53-34 - IMG_9960 Stand-off at feeding tray

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    A stand-off at feeding tray! Pigeons were determined they were going to get their share. The Lorikeets were equally determined they weren't going to let them get any!

    1. Carlos Vieira. 57 months ago | reply

      Fantastic shot, well done. Have a nice weekend.

    2. LEE's SHOTs 57 months ago | reply

      That lori next to the pigeon looks cranky :-)
      Lance ~ maybe you know what kind of parrot i posted on my stream ~ i was really impressed when i saw him ~ he was a real beauty :-)

    3. Steve Russell Photography 57 months ago | reply

      Lance, I noticed that the image number for this is 9960. Are you aware that when it reaches 9999 it thens begins again at 0001? When that happens, you'll have different images with the same number. Mine aren't at 9999 yet, but this information was shared with me by a professional photographer that experienced the same issue.

    4. janinelmartin 57 months ago | reply

      wonderful shot, so colorful!!!!

    5. Frecklenose 57 months ago | reply

      Haha, they're queuing... so strange for me to see such beautiful colourful exotic birds waiting to get their food in a garden :) Great shot Lance!

    6. Jen R 57 months ago | reply

      Astounding! I've never seen such sporty pigeons with crests like that before.

    7. Degilbo on flickr 57 months ago | reply

      Thanks, Ross! I'll have to attempt a video version of their antics as it is quite a "bun fight" when they congregate there :-).
      Thanks, Carlos and for adding it as a favorite, too!
      Thanks, Lee! Yes that one was the "aggressive" one - probably the male of the pair. You have had a rare find with your parakeet shot. It is an Alexandrine parakeet not at all common in the wild in Australia (I have commented on the actual photo, too).
      Thanks, Steve! I was wondering just what would happen there. That figure was passed last night as my son was photographing a friend's band in concert in the city. It is now 0140 :-). The actual number won't be of concern as I always add the date and time to titles, using the capabilities of ACDSee PRO3, as above: 2010-08-07 10-53-34 - IMG_9960 Stand-off at feeding tray. I also use "tags" extensively when processing. That camera has had a "work-out" as we only purchased it in December last year :-).
      Thanks, Janine!
      Thanks, Carole!
      Thanks, Alexa! Yes, it is amazing how they hone in on a "free lunch" :-).
      Thanks, Jen! Yes, it is "sporty" looking. Goes up and down depending on their alertness to their surroundings.

    8. LEE's SHOTs 57 months ago | reply

      Thanks Lance ~ maybe it was someones pet and it got away
      ( or they got sick of the noise and let it go ) ~ very interesting info ~ I knew you would know :))
      Have a good Sunday :))

    9. D & E Grey Wolf Photography 57 months ago | reply

      Excellent grouping! Beautiful birds!

    10. hpulley 57 months ago | reply

      Such colorful birds and lovely bokeh too, amazing avian species you have in your yard.

    11. joehall45 57 months ago | reply

      Amazing and colorful capture!
      Great composition!!
      Thanks for the comments!

    12. Degilbo on flickr 57 months ago | reply

      Thanks, Elaine!
      Thanks, Harry and for adding it as a favorite, too! Yes, it is pretty convenient - saves "hunting" them down in the wild :-).
      Thanks, Virginia!
      Thanks, Joe!

    13. sophiayoung 57 months ago | reply

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