Inside the archive: the politics and poetics of collecting (2001)
Inside the Archive was a series of lectures, presentations, tours and screenings examining the ways information, objects and data are stored, classified and displayed. For the duration of the research period, De Geuzen gathered materials related to the impulse to collect and catalogue. Relevant URLs, books and visual materials were housed in the Geuzen Studio and made accessible through regular public events. The idea was to create an open resource where events provide public moments of critical reflection and debate. It was launched on December 15, 2000

Susan Yelavich:
As Director for Public Programs at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum (Smithsonian Institute) and author of Design for Life, Yelavich is keenly aware of the challenges facing today¹s museums, conservators and curators in keeping their collections vibrant and resonant. Moving through a variety of objects ranging from delicate white lace, to fine crystal glasses, to enameled pictorial buttons, she considered possible curatorial interfaces for understanding the function and context of these objects. Although removed from the realm of utility and placed on display within the Cooper-Hewitt, everyday household items have the potential to reveal intimate and social narratives. Associative arrangements form idiosyncratic yet revealing timelines telling stories of public and private desires, tastes and lifestyles.

Beyond the preservation and curation of more traditional objects Yelavich touched upon the dilemmas of collecting the present. Acknowledging that the internet is one of the most important innovations of our time, how should the museum document or collect websites and other forms of digital design? Given the rapid pace of technological change should software and hardware also be archived? If so, how are the perimeters of this relatively new process of collecting circumscribed? These questions at the forefront of contemporary curatorial interest remained open for debate.

Susan Yelavich (USA) (New York) is Assistant Director for Public Programs at the Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum. She is the author of two books Design for Life (1997) and The Edge of the Millennium (1992) as well as numerous articles including Narrative: A Security Blanket for the Nervous Nineties (ACD Journal 1999).

Inventory (GB) "Inventory is a collective enterprise created by a group of writers, artists and theorists. At present it operates on two fronts: since its beginnings in 1994, the group has produced a number of exhibitions of visual work in a variety of differing contexts and, since 1995, has been publishing a journal.
Inventory may be thought of as a kind of viral programme, searching for any type of data or interesting phenomena that displays a renegade adaptability, a fusing of disparate elements that have some importance for sociality: our fierce sociology is passionate about everyday life, its arrangements and mutations." (excerpt from artists statement)

gruppo A12 (IT) + Udo Noll (D) Fabrizio Gallanti from gruppo A12 will present together with Udo Noll the ongoing research and development project Parole!
Parole! is the result of different, but related, interests and efforts which converge in a web-based database aiming to "obtain an electronic geography, where it would be possible to move around with the same richness in perceptions and emotions of any urban environment"
Gruppo A12 is an architecture and theory collective based in Genova and Milaan, Italy. Udo Noll is a media artist and communication technology researcher, working in Cologne, Germany.

Albert Wulffers (NL) Albert Wulffers is a Dutch filmmaker and writer. He presented his collection of Romy Schneider trivia and tested the limits between the fan, the fanatic and the utterly fantastic.
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