Canon EOS 5D - Sigma 12-24mm 1:4.5-5.6 DG HSM

Super wide angle shot of a funky perspective. Possible use for inside cover of CD.

  • Enok Holm 7y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Why do i never get a comment on my pictures??, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • Jason Dorn 7y

    May I complicate matters and say I'd choose this one over the 2 b&w ones you were considering for the CD cover?

    Although something like this might be more appropriate for the back or inside cover.

    Either way this is a great shot, love the contrast between the rich green grass and the light shirt & hair.
  • Manuel Andres 7y

    Lovely capture
  • randen rosete 7y

    really a nice picture :)
  • Grant Huntington 7y

    Cool shot, that is suuper wide! Widest rectilinear lens I think?

    I think there's a huge color shift though b/c of the green grass and it makes her look a little er, green?

    Lowering the green and upping the red channels might help?
  • Jóhanna Kristín Hauksdóttir 7y

    Nice viewpoint
  • Jondi Schmitt 7y

    I really like this picture! Nice perspective and contrast!
  • Jesse Yardley 7y

    Thanks G-rant...
    I noticed the green too and I had actually masked out the grass (to keep it green) and then color shifted her skin back towards red, but I guess it was not enough as she still has a hue.
  • Derrick Woo 7y

    I'd go with this on the cd cover too (if that is an option)
  • Samuel Kassapian Jr 7y

    Vi sua foto e achei linda! Parabéns!
    ?? - Veja em tamanho grande

    Grupo Why do i never get a comment on my pictures??
  • AlbertBurgers 7y

    Very good perspective. Loving all your pictures :D
  • Manuel 7y

    Great perspective!
  • m.oreno 6y

    Very nice view ! I like the idea !
  • Jens Schott Knudsen 5y

    Great work. Did you use a flash?
  • Jesse Yardley 5y

    Thx. No flash. Just natural light.
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