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Frankfurt/Main Sachsenhausen in the 1960s by Dieter Hauptmann ~ feature article in the SCCC News 16 Sept. 2011 | by dees-image
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Frankfurt/Main Sachsenhausen in the 1960s by Dieter Hauptmann ~ feature article in the SCCC News 16 Sept. 2011

Frankfurt/Main Sachsenhausen, in the 1960s


Sachsenhausen is the traditional cider (Aeppelwoi) drinking suburb of Frankfurt, south of the river Main. When Napoleon ordered all local vineyards to be destroyed to force the import of French wine the citizens retaliated by making a quite sour cider and stuck with it until today. Don't worry, it tastes quite nice when you are into your fifth glass...


The first other kind of pub in that famous district was the BODEGA, a wonderful Spanish joint. I opened the second one: BALALAIKA which is now still going just a few hundred meters from the original one. More about all this later on the 'i write' page. Here all the pics I shot in a desperate hurry when I realised that the old flavour of the district was wiped out by that so called 'progress'. By Dieter Hauptmann


Dieter is an honorary member of

the SCCC (South Coast Camera Club), Victor Harbor

South Australia


Frankfurt/Main, Sachsenhausen in the 1960s


Dieter Hauptmann has judged at SCCC a number of times, wrote and produced a radio jingle for our club, and performed his wonderful World Music for us (balalaika, bouzki, mandolin etc) ~ he even judged at a 4-way and end of year for us. As to Dieter’s photography talent ~ his social documentary work from the Frankfurt of the early 60’s has been recognised and sought after by cultural / arts officials back in Frankfurt.


Regarding his “Beggar” image (inset) I asked Dieter what is in the mind of the photographer when they take such photo journalistic images:


“To the beggar: as I used the Praktisix I had the waist level finder and looked down into it and of course could stand sideways shooting the pic in 90 degrees. I was fascinated by the total resignation in the beggar's face and body language. When I aimed at him with the distance and exposure only guessed of course I saw that girl looking to him in awe and was lucky to be fast enough - thanks to the medium format I could frame generously which made all that possible.”


“To my surprise I found an earlier shot with the girl looking towards him, as she was dragged along by her mother in a stream of feast revellers all that was very quick and I am surprised I got two shots at all. The one you got is the better one and when cropped is quite a contrast of a beginning and an ending life which makes us think.”


“ I am sure no one realised they were photographed, I always tried to be 'invisible'. The Praktisix had a fast wind lever which had to be cranked twice to get the next frame and the shutter cocked” Greetings From Dieter


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Taken on July 8, 2011