Jean Phelan
watercolour on paper

Jean was fortunate to study under Doris McCarthy as a young student at the Central Technical School in Toronto. When she moved to Nova Scotia, Jean was inspired while painting in watercolour near the ocean and her talents were quickly discovered. She has had solo exhibitions at the Noonday Graphics Gallery in the Halifax Historic Properties and group shows at the Halifax Atlantic Gallery. She has been published in posters for the Rebecca Cohn Theatre at Dalhousie University and the Guild of the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts Calendar of Events.
Her work is in numerous private collections, has appeared in various feature films including the new HBO Grey Gardens series and in exhibitions held in Toronto through RBC Financial, Artists in the Film Industry and Gallery She has had several commissioned pieces.
Her paintings are about light and reflection, moodiness, and the anticipation of entering a new place. They exhibit a strong sense of design, composition and balance. Buyers comment on “a feeling of peacefulness”, “being drawn into the scene as if you were standing at the edge”, and “invited to contemplate”.
In addition to being a painter, Jean has worked in the visual display field for the last 20 years within large corporations and is currently a set dresser in the film business.
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