A wet Rhea and a wet Reah keeper at loggerheads in the rain

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    1. Szepesvári Dániel 17 months ago | reply

      powerful composition.
      what a milieu...

    2. E.Mill 17 months ago | reply

      Very interesting shot. Congrats on explore

    3. le cabri 17 months ago | reply

      One of the best of the day

    4. Mukammel Hoque 17 months ago | reply

      Excellent take...

    5. deepstoat 17 months ago | reply

      I could never have imagined that a photograph of a damp rhea would be so popular.....

    6. aignes 17 months ago | reply

      Well done... Congrats on Explore!

    7. pawleligius [deleted] 17 months ago | reply

      Great shot

    8. Oscar_from_Denmark 17 months ago | reply

      En excellent moment in a very weird setting... And the rain adds a lot to the whole.
      Great, great shot...

    9. kewzoo 17 months ago | reply

      Great picture! They look a bit like figurines set by a model railroad. (Not meaning to be annoying, but are you sure that's a rhea and not an emu?)

    10. deepstoat 17 months ago | reply

      Kewzoo, I promise you that's a Rhea. If you are still in doubt then do a google image search for Emu and compare it.

    11. Paddle Man 17 months ago | reply

      Yeah, and the animals in the background are rabbits. It's an Emu.

    12. deepstoat 17 months ago | reply

      Wallabies and a Rhea. That's my final say.

    13. causes & conditions 17 months ago | reply

      funniest stream on flickr. that's my final say.

    14. deepstoat 17 months ago | reply

      Thank you the guarded eye, that's most kind (and almost certainly untrue).
      Apologies for lack of new shots, life is fairly hectic at the moment.
      Normal service may be resumed soonish. Or not.

    15. causes & conditions 17 months ago | reply

      absolutely true.
      take your time.

    16. kewzoo 17 months ago | reply

      but why would they put wallabies (Australian) with rheas (South American)? Emus are Australian. Not meaning to quibble--and it's a great picture--it's just that I'm a ratite fan..

    17. deepstoat 17 months ago | reply

      Maybe it's just to demonstrate the harmony that exists between different species? Or some such nonsense. Either that or they got confused. I'll ask a keeper next time I'm there.

    18. zlandr 15 months ago | reply

      they seem like an old married couple

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