Zune software/ad spoof

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    1. Jon . [deleted] 103 months ago | reply

      Nice. The DRM jab is nice.

      Congrats on getting boing-boing'ed.

    2. LaptopHeaven 103 months ago | reply

      Simply ingenious.

    3. alba 103 months ago | reply


    4. josh bomb 103 months ago | reply

      scotty! callie! boingboingd!

    5. Klosetnerd 103 months ago | reply

      Internet famous!

    6. deepsignal 103 months ago | reply

      I just found out these people happen to be part of famous bowling crew.

    7. groonk 103 months ago | reply

      fuckin great!

    8. deepsignal 103 months ago | reply

      Check out the others in this series.

    9. AppleEqLove 102 months ago | reply

      We got BoingBoing'd, I like the spoof and an honored share the spotlight with you.


      I am not really into web pages but was wondering if you would like to help me make a spoof webpage of the Zune.

    10. :: Bogna :: 102 months ago | reply

      Zune. It makes me run to the Apple store to get the new Shuffle.

    11. JoshuaDavisPhotography 102 months ago | reply


      But one error, it isn't DRM, it's a hardware limitation.

      Also I wonder what happens if you copy the MP3 file over to your computer, and then back onto the zune?

    12. deepsignal 102 months ago | reply

      The DRM I am referring to is the half-hearted feature that lets you share music from one Zune to another with a wireless connection, but then the file deletes itself after 3 plays or 3 days. This is in the Zune's internal software.

      I am assuming it will not let you copy any files from the Zune to your computer.
      Update: There is now a way to keep the file from being deleted.

    13. deepsignal 102 months ago | reply

      Check it out! New spoofs by Flickr user mukinabowt.

    14. mukinabowt 100 months ago | reply

      Deepsignal, thanks for linking to my spoofs. :) I only wish they had attracted as many comments as yours have.

      BTW the copy on yours is genius! Good stuff.

    15. zcksjdn 90 months ago | reply

      Love the DRM part :).

    16. geoffinsd 77 months ago | reply

      ishuddahgoddazoon 8')

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