King Middle School Visits UMaine
Over 80 students from King Middle School of Portland visited the University of Maine's Advanced Structures and Composites Center on Wednesday, November 30th.

The following activities took place throughout the day:
Offshore Wind Laboratory Tour – "Get a personal tour of the brand new, 87,000 square foot laboratory with capabilities unlike any other facility in the world. Student researchers and staff members design, manufacture and test large high-performance composite structures (like wind blades, towers, airplane wings, ship hulls, tidal energy turbines) all under one roof."

Creating A Business That Pops – "Use your best Innovation Engineering skills (and develop some new ones) by creating a brand new type of popcorn that no one has ever tried before. This activity is housed at the Foster Center for Student Innovation."

Inventing an Floating Offshore Wind Platform – "Researchers at the Advanced Structures and Composites Center are developing floating wind turbines to go far off the coast of Maine. Students get to try their hand at real-life engineering by designing and building a scale-model floating offshore wind platform. Students then test their platforms in a wind-wave tank."
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