• I absolutely love this! I'm totally inspired! What camera do you use? What camera did you use for this particular set of photographs? - Lucy Andrew

old man grumbling ...

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... but actually he's not. He's a funny guy, means he was laughing a lot ... it was not easy to get this shot because he was always moving.

the old man on black ...

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  1. Tetley T 53 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Old men are beautiful, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    Please consider joining our group!

  2. ingridf_nl 52 months ago | reply

    what a *beautiful* picture. wonderful.

  3. mrmoustache2 46 months ago | reply

    Hi I love this picture and have drawn it. Now I have found out that a am going to have a show with a few of my drawings, and there is a chans of someone buying them. Now I just wanted to ask you if it is ok for me to use this drawing of your picture?

  4. Dietmar Temps 46 months ago | reply

    thanks a lot for your kind comment, I'm really happy that you used one of my pictures for your drawing ...

    to your question: I never really thought about it ... but I think it is ok that you sell the drawing and get money for it, because you are the artist of the drawing, and not me ... but it would be nice to mention that the drawing is from a picture, and I'm the author of this picture ....

    good luck for your show !

  5. Choco Bebs 46 months ago | reply

    great portrait!!

  6. Nicolo Boggio 44 months ago | reply

    Exelent portrait.! Well done.!

  7. Aria Aryana 43 months ago | reply

    wow.. love your work

  8. The Canon Guy! 42 months ago | reply

    Please add your image to:

    " Snaps with Attitude! "

  9. kentsmith9 37 months ago | reply

    Your fantastic black and white picture is my winner!
    Black and White Photo Award


    Your photo has 3-4 Black & White Photo Award Premier trophies. Time to post a medium size copy of your photo in the ALMOST THERE discussion thread to see if you can collect one-two more awards to qualify you to enter The Best of Black and White Award group. When you post your image, please consider awarding another deserving photo a trophy.
    If you already posted to the "Almost There" thread, just ignore this message.

  10. mlhradio 35 months ago | reply

    Congratulations on receiving more than 25,000 views -- that's quite impressive! Now that you've reached this milestone, you might want to consider graduating this photograph from the 'Views: 10000' group to the 'Views: 25,000' group, which can be found here: www.flickr.com/groups/views25000/

    Once again, congratulations and hopefully your photos will receive many more views in the future! Reminder: Photos should only be in one 'Views:xx' group at a time. (This is an automatic message posted to all items in the 'Views: 10000' group that receive more than 25,000 views. There is no need to reply to this message.)

  11. AshleyMatthewJackson 34 months ago | reply

    Can I ask how you take/edit this?! It's brilliant! How do you do it?

  12. debcronem 26 months ago | reply

    this is a masterpiece :) wonderful portrait

  13. ForLib 25 months ago | reply

    Fantastic photo!!!!!!

  14. cybrariankt 22 months ago | reply

    I used this photo in my blog:
    It was perfect. Thank you!

  15. andrew adel 18 months ago | reply

    How convert To Jpeg ???

  16. Rom.. 13 months ago | reply

    this is nuts !!! I don't even know what to say, looks all twisted and weird but soooo amazing !!!

  17. Nomio242 5 months ago | reply

    This is brilliant....may I please use it in a ceramic installation project???

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