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This morning I read a tutorial about how to create the perfect flower shots with the perfect rain drops. Right, to make a contest winning macro shot all you need is a spray with glycerin and water mix a flower and a studio!!


well, I never carry a glycerin and water spray with me, and I can not complain about the water drops, all as nature created them, especially with the rainy summer we had so far. But I find it so much more challenging and interesting to crawl around in the boonies trying to get the right angle and the best light if am lucky. If not I just wait for another day.

I know if you live in a city you can not have the luxury of doing that and here comes the glycerin spray and I know this really makes such outstanding shots after all. But still I prefer to do it the way I have always done: walk for 2 hours, hoping that the light will be good (meaning not too cloudy again) and that the rain drops have not evaporated yet..or even better go out in the rain!! just perfect.

I know those are just random ramblings but I felt that they need to get out there....

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Taken on July 19, 2012