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Dark Nebulae in Cephus & Cygnus | by LaydeeDem
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Dark Nebulae in Cephus & Cygnus

Wide image of dark patches of interstellar dust on the border of the constellations of Cepheus and Cygnus, the two largest dark nebulae that dominante the frame and are visible to the naked eye under dark skies are Le Gentil 3 ( left) and the Northern Coalsack (right). Residing among the dust clouds are vast star forming hydrogen emission nebulae, including the Elephant's Trunk (left) and the famous North America Nebula (right). To the bottom right is Herschel's Garnet Star, aka Mu Cephei, a dying red supergiant star poised to go supernova within next few centuries.


Acquisition Details:

Captured late August 28, 2019

12x30" sub exposures

6 minutes total integration

ISO - 1600


Daylight White Balance


Gear Used:

Camera - EOS 350D

Lens - Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM

Mount - NyxTech NyxTracker V2



Adobe Camera Raw


PixInsight 1.8

Adobe Photoshop CS5.1



-Image has been mosaicked with my previous Cygnus image to provide better framing.

- My first attempt stacking using Sequator. I like how fast it is! However I don't think it has drizzle capability and I think images come out of it noisier than using Deep Sky Stacker, thought this could be error on my part.

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Uploaded on September 1, 2019