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Mrs. Higgerson's paper dolls'_Home_Journal


These paper dolls are from The Ladies Home Journal, I would guess about 1902 to 1910. I see full color printing in the 1910 cover but before that, though the styles look right, there was limited 2 color printing as in the 1902 cover. The paper of the dolls seems more substantial than a usual interior page.

My sister recently found these in an old book at my mother’s house in a small paper bag labeled Mrs. Higgerson. Mrs. Higgerson was our neighbor when I was a kid. She had a son older than my mother, which would make him about a hundred or so if he were still alive. She had no daughters. My grandmother was a neighbor starting in the 1910’s and had one boy who was the Higgerson boy’s friend and 3 girls, I think. My mother was the only one to survive childhood, her siblings falling to typhoid and such. So I am thinking that Mrs. Higgerson, whom we always called “Mrs.” Higgerson, had carefully cut them out in the early part of the century for a possible girl child. When a girl child did not appear she gave them to my grandmother who must have forgotten about them because if they had gotten into my mother’s possession as a kid or mine and my sisters and cousins, they would not be in such good shape, though we took pretty good care of paper dolls. There were no dates on the backs of the pieces I scanned.


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Uploaded on August 5, 2012