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Simpoh Air Leaf aka CB Leaf

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This leaf is also known locally as the CB Leaf. 'CB' is the acronym for the local (and rather vulgar) term for 'vagina'. I guess you can see where it gets its name from! For some strange reason, the new leaves appear from the axil of the old ones. In days before disposable ware, the leaves were also used to wrap rojak (a local salad). It is also used to wrap tempeh (Malay fermented soyabean cakes).

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  1. linthesky 102 months ago | reply

    It's brilliant!

  2. ron2000 102 months ago | reply

    No wonder the leaf looks so appealing.... :) I didn't know such plant exists at all.

  3. *Damselfly* 102 months ago | reply

    Wahahaha sure or not...thot all SG guys who have gone through NS will know what is a CB leaf!
    Anyway..you can read up more about this plant here, its actually a very common plant in SG. www.naturia.per.sg/buloh/plants/simpoh_air.htm

  4. Matt Madd 100 months ago | reply

    Greatly informative and eye-opening....

    fr a guy tat never tasted NS before.....
    Seen in your Faves set. (?)

  5. alanchan883 99 months ago | reply

    brings me back to my army days, i remember during a camo trg session, 1 recruit came out covered all over with CB leaves n even had a CB flower on his helmet. we all nearly died laughing!

  6. alanchan883 99 months ago | reply

    BTW u have misspelled vagina, feel free to delete this

  7. *Damselfly* 99 months ago | reply

    That's hilarious. Sounds like a scene right out of Michael Chiang's play "Army Daze"...lol. Spelling mistake corrected liao...paiseh...tks!

  8. Matt Madd 99 months ago | reply

    This is a world-class image!! Please post it in Global Village 2

    Seen in your Explore set. (?)

  9. Matias Sinigoi 99 months ago | reply

    This world-class image was found in Global Village 2

  10. ıssɐq oılnıƃ q°ן°p giulio bassi 99 months ago | reply

    a href="https://www.flickr.com/groups/globalvillage/"> This world-class image was found in Global Village 2

  11. kdsglass 99 months ago | reply

    This is a world-class image!! Please post it in Global Village 2

  12. stephend9 99 months ago | reply

    I think this photo would fit in at www.flickr.com/groups/accidentallyerotic
    you are invited to join Accidentally Erotic. Please add this photo to the pool (feel free to invite your friends!)

  13. Gunnsi 99 months ago | reply

    Leaflet to Porn :-)
    Great Capture.

  14. barbera* 95 months ago | reply

    Very cool and interesting! Thanks for all the info!

  15. justindz 93 months ago | reply

    Oh lord. Not only a great photo, but I'm in India on business and you just made me very hungry for tempeh :-P

    The leaves grow like a phoenix, discarding the older body. Metaphoritastic.

  16. hi-fiction 70 months ago | reply

    Yes I'm very hungry too :).......

    Fantastic shot!

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