CHLA Rheumatology Halloweens
2007: Wizard of Oz
We had a wizard, two Dorothys, the tin man and the scarecrow, a munchkin, wicked witch and glenda, the cowardly lion and a flying monkey. We were awesome.

There is a lot of overlap because these are unedited and straight out of the camera; I just deleted the seriously blurry and useless ones.

There is only one photo of another costumed staff outside our division--as a designated candy distributor of our parade on the yellow brick road, I was sad not to be able to document the superheroes of 6W, the dalmations of PT/OT, and the prisoners and their sherriff guardian on 5E.

I was the scarecrow, just in case there is any doubt.

Added: Disney Characters 2009 (I was Dory from Finding Nemo); Peter Pan 2010 (I am tick-tock the crocodile)

Missing: Harry Potter 2008 ( I was Hagrid, no wig needed)
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