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Bulletproof Cupid

Okay, so this was in the comments in the last photo, but I decided I like it enough to upload it on it's own. And I've put the same picture in the comments as the last one too, cause they were from the same shoot. It looks darker on here than it does on my computer, which is a bit annoying.


Anyway... I got tagged again! So here goes with more ten facts, not so interesting but I find this so difficult!


1. I don't like arrogance, ignorance, selfishness and bad manners.

2. I volunteer at the RSPCA and both my kitty cats came from there :)

3. I hate buying jeans, its so damn difficult!

4. I'm the worst sleeper in the world, I lie in bed for about 3 hours before I'll actually fall asleep.

5. I have been feeling really uninspired lately, but i've had a sudden urge of motivation and inspiration, so all is good.

6. I love eating out, but since I moved out i've not had the funds to eat anywhere but home. Good job i like cooking, eh?

7. Im a bit of a perfectionist, I get an image in my head and nothings good enough unless it matches up. This goes for shopping too, I go on the hunt for something I want and I don't stop until I find it. Silly really. I hate this about myself, it bugs me.

8. I'm desperate for a holiday! I am craving piste, I'd love to spend Christmas Day skiing.

9. I love those days where you don't have to do your hair or wear your make up..

10. I hate mess! I am a clean freak. I worry about myself sometimes. Ha.


Oh, and Thank You to Katie for the lovely testimonial :)

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Taken on August 19, 2009