• When I spotted this in the photo yesterday, it reminded me of all the pain and suffering Jesus' endured to pay for my sins.
  • WOW! - ***TR.iPod
  • almost looks like a drop of blood - sonsation
  • Wow! I didn't even think of that.

He was pierced for our transgressions . . .

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  1. Dave - aka Emptybelly 97 months ago | reply

    Happy Easter, Debby... Pierced for our transgressions... Died for our sins... Raised to new life so that we may have new life... Blessings to you and your family :)))

  2. 1blessedmom Photography 97 months ago | reply

    @emptybelly: Amen! Thank you. Such amazing love!
    From a popular hymn: "Amazing love! How can it be,
    That thou my God, should'st die for me?"

    Jesus arose! He is alive! We can indeed receive new life through Him.

  3. emmy75 97 months ago | reply

    So moving. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this tribute and spread the joy of Easter!

  4. tony's pics 97 months ago | reply

    Wonderful shot, great words, love everything, thanks for sharing with us.

    Happy Easter to you my friend!!

    I have faved and tagged your picture with BRAVO and this serves as an invitation to The Best: BRAVO.

  5. JUSTICE4HEATHER 97 months ago | reply

    Very beautiful Photo and touching words Debby take care and hope you and ur family had a wonderful Easter take care TEresa

  6. leannrlee 97 months ago | reply

    Very moving-faved.

  7. Jeanette's Ozpix 97 months ago | reply

    Well done, and thought out!! Bless ya!

  8. j_jyarbrough 97 months ago | reply

    This is absolutely amazing! Such a wonderful composition!
    I am sorry I did not get here in time for Easter to wish you a Happy and blessed Easter as I have been very sick all weekend..I pray a special blessing upon your whole family, my friend!

  9. ruthalice43 97 months ago | reply

    So beautiful i love it !!!

  10. dreamscapepics 97 months ago | reply

    That is beautiful!

  11. jetslife 97 months ago | reply

    Beeeeeeutiful !!!
    Heart Strings
    Thank you for adding this to

  12. Time Standing Still 97 months ago | reply

    This is beautiful!

  13. lilmariem 96 months ago | reply

    WOW Isn't the Lord so sweet as to remind us of such an incredible act of love, in the tender beauty of HIS creation. HE amazes me daily as HIS wonders surround me. Great photo, better observation so timely reminding us of HIS UNFAILING LOVE FOR US.

  14. jacoreflex 94 months ago | reply


    Great Image!
    You are I n v i t e d!
    Fantasia orbit
    Pls Tag: FlickrElite

  15. ♫ joyousjoym~ Blessings♥ 90 months ago | reply

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  16. ♫ joyousjoym~ Blessings♥ 90 months ago | reply

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  17. loswl 81 months ago | reply

    Very interpretive shot and powerful scripture!!

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  18. ♫ AL BaDaR♫ 80 months ago | reply

    Very beautiful

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  19. CK'sPhoto 72 months ago | reply

    I did a Bible study on that verse tonight.. amazing that this was written down 700 years before Christ... the prophesy fullfilled!

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