what happened the last day of Kurt Cobain's life
what happened in the time of his death till the police were
called in? I recived an unsigned letter in the mail with a confession. Now here on FLICKR is the exclusive story
its a sad sick tale that ended more horrible than you know or could imagine
Kurts story is truly tragic. What could of saved him?
no one will ever know
Here's the last day of KURT COBAIN

this is not to disgust or
offend any Nirvana/Cobain fans, Its not dont in disrespect. I too feel very sad about him.But I looked at this doll got this bizzare idea and away we go.
you should know me by now
all in jest fellow flickr's. I've no idea what happend to Kurt the hours between his death and the police showing up.There was no video tape of what happened after he said good bye. If I offend anyone I am so sorry
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