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vegan brocolli mac n cheese

not baked made in pot

make a white sauce with silk soy or whatever u use unbleached flour..Vegan Earth balance or whateverbutter replacement..I add a bit of onion n garlic powder paprika a few grains of cayanne a fee gratings of nut meg fresh ground white pepper sometimes a spoon of white miso I make the white sauce thick while the water boils then drop in elbows also the brocolli is chopped and drained cooled first and pressed for any extra moisture if you wanna use green peas use frozen and driop em in the pasta pot last minute before draining then to the sauce I add a bunch of diaya chedder and some vegan parmesan stir taste, add more cheese if needed! whensauce is bubbling and think add hot drianed elbows or pasta.., gentley blend add brocolli now if using if peas you already got em in or no veggies at all FINE! I make more sauce than I think Ill need and I let it vome to a nice simmer so its all very hot taste correct seasonings ( sometimes I add a bit of sugar yes sounds crazy but it works when needed to balance it all out) and thats it..if you must bake it dont use a deep pan and use a metal one you can put underbroiler if you want mix some cheese bread crumbs canola oil paprika and sprinkel opver top of MAC n cheese bake in bvery hot oven to brown and bubble top u can run it underbroiler instead if you want the pasta should ofbeen piping hot out of the pan, then eat it

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Taken on January 2, 2011