• yes! it's instant gratification!
  • i could use an instant plumper for my pillows. (the ones on the BED.)

    jesus. men. - JKönig
  • insert brad pitt here


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  1. debaird™ 97 months ago | reply

    perfect if you want to look like this.

  2. JKönig 97 months ago | reply

    i knew before i hovered over the link that that's what it would point to. this was in the next aisle at target, i think. and your title -- HA!

  3. p2wy 96 months ago | reply

    I would be SO tempted to try that out! funny!

  4. debaird™ 96 months ago | reply

    @p: that would be so L.A. of you to have big poofy lips! lol......

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