Melting Witch Cookies

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    Anyone know why my black royal icing did this? It's all the same batch. Never had it happen before.

    I can't find who it was but someone suggested doing this when they saw the snowman cookies that I copied from chiccookiekits. I couldn't resist but now I'm annoyed because of the icing.

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    1. SweetLanda 54 months ago | reply

      Looks like butter seeped in. I still havent figured out how to stop this but it doesnt happen all the time. Weird.

    2. pipeline confections 54 months ago | reply

      It really doesn't look bad at all but I know I would be annoyed too. These are adorable.

    3. 54 months ago | reply

      Love your melted witchies!

      As far as the icing goes...I have had this happen when I've stored it in the freezer. I don't mind the affect...makes her look like she's a bit wet and drying out in some places.

    4. SweetSugarBelle 54 months ago | reply

      I have that problem also. some of the butter from the bottom layer probaly got stired in when you spread it during flooding. My caulderons did that because I was near the bottom of the bottle and spreading it around a lot.

    5. SweetSugarBelle 54 months ago | reply

      BUT in any case, cutest idea EVER! I learned another icing no no the other day by accident...the wilton white color will do weird things to royal icing.

    6. Ban Bakes - In Paris 54 months ago | reply

      Great cookies!!! Very funny idea!! I think the spotting adds so much to the melting effect! :)

    7. YOCUNA ARTE EN AZUCAR 54 months ago | reply

      wowwww!!! so beautiful

    8. Polka-dot Zebra 54 months ago | reply

      I've always loved the melting snowmen... I never would have thought of this. Great!! So Wizard of Oz... "I'm mel-ting!" Wish I did Fondant so I could try these ;)

    9. Tracy LH 54 months ago | reply

      Brilliant idea!! Kudos to you!! Did the color even out over time? I have had a color shift, but it usually evened out by the next day. Drove me crazy in the process though!

    10. pipeline confections 54 months ago | reply

      Any chance the RI was "old" ... not as in "bad" but not freshly mixed. I had this happen REALLY bad with RI that I didn't remix well enough.

    11. SweetSugarBelle 54 months ago | reply

      I think Pipeline confections is right! Same issue last night, and almost positive that was the problem!

    12. death by cupcake 54 months ago | reply

      Thank you all!

      The color is evening out more but still not all the way. I did do alot of spreading when I flooded so maybe it is the butter. It was freshly mixed though. I don't know. Anyway it's for 7-10 year olds so I don't think they'll mind. Thank you all again for your help and your kind comments.

    13. SweetSugarBelle 54 months ago | reply

      YOu cursed me!!! I have had this problem all WEEK, LOL!

    14. death by cupcake 54 months ago | reply

      I am soo sorry! I never had this happen before. I do think it was the butter though. I usually never spread the fill in part but did because my consistancy wasn't great. It sucks when it happens cause you think yeh, they're done and they look great and then you find out, not so much. Have a great Halloween!

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